Ericsson LG - MPB100 Main Processing Board for iPECS MG-100 View larger

Ericsson LG - MPB100 Main Processing Board for iPECS MG-100



CID [FSK,DTMF,RUS,CID] for CO&SLT, 4 channels VoIP or AA, 6 DKT & 6 SLT ports, Main Controllers 200 ports

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The Main Processor Board controls communication between the peripheral Board, supervises all resources in the system, controls the gain adjustment of the PCM signal, generates the System tones, and manages System call processing. The MPB100 incorporates the main control of the System, and is composed of the microprocessor and memory, the PCM management and miscellaneous functional circuits.

Following Devices and functions are included on the MPB100: 

  • Main Processor: MINDSPEED ARM9 Dual Core, M82805G, 375MHzc
  • PCM Voice Processing circuit (ACT2) - PCM voice switching, System Tone/Gain Control
  • Tone (DTMF/CPT) Detection/CID Signal (FSK/DTMF/RCID) Detection/CID Generation
  • Real Time Clock for System Time/Date
  • System Memory [SDRAM / SRAM / Flash ROM / NAND Flash] for Operation
  • PLL Circuit for External ISDN Line Clock Synchronization
  • 1 Internal MOH - 13 Music resources
  • Basic 4 AA Function(default) or 4 VoIP channel
  • MODU (Option) Interface
  • Basic DSIU Included 6 DKTs and 6 SLTs
  • 4 Status Indication LEDs
  • 1 RS-232C monitoring port
  • 1 Reset Button
  • 1 Switch for Admin Database back up
  • 1 External MOH port and 1 External Paging port
  • 1 Alarm Detection port and 1 Relay Contact for general purpose
  • 1 USB port for DB upload and Download, SW upgrade with Memory stick
  • 1 Ethernet port – System maintenance, MP/PP SW upgrade / Basic 4 channel VoIP

Differences between MPB100 and MPB300

SRAM2ea (4MB)4ea (8MB)User Database back up
ACT21ea (32 DSP chs)2ea (64 DSP chs)DTMF,CPT,CID Detection channels at the same time
MAX Ports200414Available MAX.(Trunk + Extension) Ports

Except MAX Ports and DSP channels, all functions of both MPB100 and MPB300 are same.

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